CyberSkin 1.5 Inch Extender Sleeve

cyberskin 1.5 inch cock extension CyberSkin 1.5 Inch Extender SleeveIf you are both curious about how sex would feel with a penis extension but don’t want too big a jump in size then this Cyberskin penis extension would be perfect for you. By adding 1.5 inches in length and 0.5 inches in girth, this penis sleeve is a great first time penis extension and will make her gasp with pleasure when you enter her with it on. With the renowned realistic look and feel of a penis, it will look and feel like a bigger version of yourself. In fact it is so life like that with the lights out she probably won’t even realise that a penis sleeve is being used. Great for springing a sexy surprise into your love making.

The Cyberskin is very easy to use and fits on just like a condom, just apply a little lube beforehand to help slide the extension on. In fact, if you apply a little more lube this penis extension doubles as a great masturbating aid, with many men loving the tight feel against their penis

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