Largest Girth Cock Sleeves and Penis Extension Sleeves

thick penis extension Largest Girth Cock Sleeves and Penis Extension Sleeves

When it comes to the largest girth cock sleeve on the market today there is only one winner. The Thick Ur Dick penis extension, that’s thick your dick for those not into text speak, increases the girth of your penis to a whopping 7.5 to 8 inches making it a good few inches thicker than any of the competing penis extensions on the market. To give you some comparison, a regular coke can is about 8.25 inches in circumference meaning it is only marginally bigger than this great big fat penis sleeve!

If your partner loves girth and the feeling of being really filled up by a fat cock then this penis extension is for you. Here are just some of the reviews which have been received from users of Thick Ur Dick

“The best toy i have ever bought! worth every penny!!!”

“When hubby bought this I was really unsure as it looked so large, but it’s amazing”

“At first i thought no way will she like that…….after we have used this a few times my wife now begs me to use it on her and i must say she only has to ask once!!”

Don’t worry though guys, your partner won’t be the only one having fun with this thick penis extension. The sleeve has also been designed with guys in mind. For a start it is open ended which leaves your head and glands free to experience the lovely friction deep inside your partner.

The Thick Your Dick also comes with a combination stretch rubber ring and block. While the ring holds you tight, the rubber block at the back of the ring has been designed to sit against your perineum which is you have ever had it pushed against during sex you will know feels just divine and greatly increases the strength of your orgasm! Overall, the Thick Ur Dick is not only the largest girth cock sleeve on the market but in our opinion is also one of the best available. Highly recommended.

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Vibrating Penis Extension Sleeve

vibrating penis extension sleeve Vibrating Penis Extension SleeveRanked at number one in our list of the best penis sleeves on the market. This vibrating penis extension was a firm favourite of the team here and provided double the fun for everyone.

Not only does it add extra inches in the trouser department, its thick head vibrates on contact to give you both extended pleasure. Just exert some pressure on the head for it to turn on and remove the pressure for the vibrations to stop. It also has the option to leave the vibration running non stop if you want constant teasing, delicious stimulation, just flick the tiny switch on the base on the head.

This cock sleeve is designed to fit any penis up to 6 inches long and provides an extra 1.5 inches of length. It has also been designed with a very clever lattice cut out system which provides additional stimulation for you ladies while also letting you guys continue to enjoy the contact deep inside her. What more can we say! A great penis extension which we highly recommended.

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